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About Us

Kunming Runder Co.,Ltd. is lcoated in Kunming city,Yunan Province which is very famous in nowadays for manufacture and production of optical instruments. 
We are recognized for our strong and steady focus on product quality, our approach to continual improvement and our one goal; striving for perfection. We engage in a restless pursuit of even better product quality across the range of optical products and accessories such as telescopes, binoculars, microscopes and other optical accessories mean we know what makes a superior product.
We strive to supply our clients with lenses that provide sharp, clear images and accurate color rendition, as well as durable exteriors.
OEM and customer design are both welcome. We promise we can provide high quality lens with reasonable price and on time service for you.
International focusAt  we have built an impressive international market for our products with 95% of production being exported and thus meeting the highest demands of the world market.

Our company is recognized for its range of binoculars that feature advanced and practical benefits:
   a wide range of magnification choices, 
   products offering waterproof protection,
   recently introduced shockproof products,
   various magnification models with high caliber and long eye-relief
   products with an in-built compass
   lead the way in all aspects of technology,
   quality and market support when compared with other domestic competitors